Welcome to Crafty Cottage

For the Crafty and the NOT-so-Crafty

Arts & Crafts Products & Supplies

• Crafty kits
• Wooden blanks
• Craft paint
• Metal Embossing supplies and Pewter
• Scrapbooking supplies
• Mosaic supplies
• Polymer clay supplies
• Beads and beading supplies
• Oil paint and canvasses
• Ribbon and various embellishments for School Projects
and much more

Arts & Crafts Services

• Hands-On Workshops (For the Crafty, and the NOT-so-Crafty)
• Handmade invitations and cards
• Custom Made Wedding Favors
• Custom Made Jewellery
• Girly Craft Parties
• Kiddies Workshops
• Holiday Programmes designed to keep even tots busy.